Connecting AriaNet (or ReberQuick) to your Ubuntu box

Hello friends,

When I was back home (9 months ago), most of you asked me about the possibility of accessing Internet using AriaNet or ReberQuick. Unfortunately, by then I had no clear answer, what I could do, was sending this post.

The good news, I recently found a rather easy way to connect to such connection plans (so called, mobile broadband), the following screenshots show the steps of activating the connection. To let you know, I am using the latest version of Ubuntu 10.10:

Note: click on the photos to see them in a better size.

1- First connect your device to your computer.
2- Go to the Network applet, right click on it and select (Edit Connections).

3- Click on the Mobile Broadband tab.

4- Click on forward.

5- Select Iraq, and click forward.

 6- Select (I can’t find my provider, and I wish to enter it manually), then write the name of your provider (either Arianet or Reber Quick), then click forward.

7- Now, click on Apply and you are almost done :)

8- Enter your username and password, then click on Apply.

9- Now your connection is ready, and you can simply select it by clicking on your Network applet.

I think, this is a really easy way to configure it, unfortunately, I didn’t have access to any mobile broadband device, so I cannot guarantee that this will work, but you can give it a try, and write me feedback on it.

Happy Internet connection :)


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4 Responses to “Connecting AriaNet (or ReberQuick) to your Ubuntu box”

  1. Nosheen فەرمووی:

    I am in Hewler now, so I got to try using Reber Quick service on Ubuntu by applying the steps here:
    & it worked! I used "reber" as the user name and password. It worked for the black device easily. Well I tried it for the red & black device as well, but no success. It could be my device's fault however. It is a bit loose when plugged.
    Hope this helps. Regards.

  2. Amanj فەرمووی:

    Good to hear this Nosheen, I hope others get it to work too :)

  3. johanna فەرمووی:

    Hey guys, Im trying to follow the steps above, but it doesnt work for me I have suse 11. When I go to the mobile broadband it does not ask for the country. DO you have any other suggestions? Please Help!!!

  4. Amanj فەرمووی:

    Hey Johanna,

    I am not familiar with Suse, but if you have the details about your provider, like the name of the provider, dial up number (most likely, #777) and the username and password, you may be able to setup the connection manually without selecting the country!

    As far as I understood, this country selection step, is to make the procedure easier (by listing the available and registered providers in the selecting country) and it is not an obligatory step.

    Good luck :)

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