The photos of OSS Seminar


Almost a month ago, I held a seminar about OSS (Open Source Software), and published the slides afterwards, but because of the slow Internet connectivity, I couldn’t upload the photos of the seminar.

Now, after getting back to Uppsala, and having a fast connection once more, I’m uploading the photos for you (using the public Picasa album), you can find the link here:

Have fun :)


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  1. Giggs فەرمووی:

    Slaw Kak amanj,

    To tell the truth i was surprised when i saw your blog, am a kurd and i've been living in Arbil for 6 years now and i didnt see anyone interested about Linux and the whole open source commiunity, am sorry because i missed the seminar you held at slahidin uni it would have been awesome if i could meet anyone interested in Linux/FLOSS..if you know anyone in erbil interested in it and want to bring out the os community to Kurdistan please tell me.


  2. Amanj فەرمووی:

    Slaw Kake Muhammed,

    Thanks for your words, I hope we meet someday soon, as I am really interested in serving our community in this :)

    as for your question, I think some of the students at Software Department of Salahaddin University (especially the old ones) are (at least at the time of the seminar were) interested in the FOSS concept, maybe you want to meet some of them or you may want to direct them :)

    It is my pleasure to see some other Kurdish in Kurdistan who likes FOSS, I wish we do something useful together :) you can contact me, using my email:

  3. Dastan فەرمووی:

    Hello Amanj!!
    that was all:)

  4. Amanj فەرمووی:

    Hey Dastan, if you are talking about the slides, I think they have a deeper message than that!

  5. Dastan فەرمووی:

    Yeah, but Google still rocks.

  6. Amanj فەرمووی:

    Dasi, No one mentioned Google, the point behind this blog is free and open source software, not a particular company :)

  7. zertux فەرمووی:

    Oh man amanj, i totaly forgot to check your blog and now after 3 years i remembered XD
    i was giggs6
    so are you in erbil now ? doing any seminars ?

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