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Happy programmer’s day

یه‌ك شه‌ممه‌, ئه‌یلول 13th, 2009


As you might know today is a special day in programmer’s point of view, since it is a programmer’s day, which is the 256th (28) day in year! everybody has to be thankful to what they are doing! the following quote is taken from

Programmers‘ Day (Russian: День программиста) is an official professional holiday in Russia, celebrated on 256th day of the year (255th day, if January 1 is taken to be the 0th day).

The number 256 (28) was chosen because it’s the number of distinct values that can be represented with an eight-bit byte, a number that is typically very well known to programmers.[6] Also, ‘256’ in hexadecimal is ‘100’ (‘0x100’), and it’s the highest power of two that is lower than 365 (the number of days in a year). On the leap years, it’s celebrated on September 12 (September 13 otherwise).

Thank you programmers around the world, thank you so much! please lets prevent ourselves from using cracked softwares and illegal copies! as a way to say thank you for them :)

Note: This is my first blog post in my life, so please forgive me for the poor content.